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One of the most fun parts of having a little one on the way is designing a nursery! There are tons of possibilities when it comes to nursery styles, themes, and design ideas, and it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide how you want to design yours. What theme should you choose? What colors do you want to use? What type of style and look are you going for? These are all things to explore and figure out as you begin planning your baby’s nursery design. Looking for a little inspiration to help you out? Here are some of the top nursery trends 2020 to give you some ideas!


Baby Nursery Trends 2020

Pink floral crib bedding baby girl nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @madpuplife

floral nursery wall and crib bedding nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @megorourke20


Who doesn’t love a beautiful floral nursery? Florals have been a long lived favorite when it comes to nursery designs, however, when it comes to nursery trends 2020, they tend to be taking a little bit more of a modern twist this year. Instead of softer, lighter florals, more vibrant and colorful floral designs are trending. Floral nursery decor pieces that really pop and stand out such as floral wallpapers, bold floral sheets and crib bedding, and floral nursery wall decor are in. On the other side of floral, if you aren’t wanting to stick with the traditional pink and brighter colored floral style, dark florals are also making it big this year.



Pink shabby chic baby girl nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @themoderncolonial

pink nursery glider rocking chair shabby chic nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @madpuplife

shabby chic pink nursery baby girl nursery trends 2020

Shabby Chic

Vintage inspired nursery furniture, modern decorative accents (like gold lighting or wall shelves), and blush pink all tie together for the perfect shabby chic nursery! For a baby girl nursery design that’s big in nursery trends 2020, shabby chic is the way to go!



Green leaf botanical wallpaper wall decor nursery trends 2020

Botanical nursery design green leaf botanical crib sheets baby bedding nursery trends 2020

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Leafy Greens

Delicate and elegant leafy patterns in varying shades of gorgeous greens… this is what botanical is all about now! A more tropical botanical style has been popular over the recent years, but as 2020 progresses, we’re seeing a shift towards more of a leafy take on it. Expect to see more leafy green crib bedding, wallpapers, and nursery decor pieces over the next year. Plus, tie in a couple gold or foilage accents in your baby’s nursery to give it a modern spin that works so perfectly with the green botanical look.



Bear baby boy nursery trends 2020

rustic woodland crib mobile nursery trends 2020

Woodland nursery design nursery trends 2020


Rustic woodland themed nurseries have been a big hit in the recent years, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Woodland inspired nurseries with a rustic take and more natural inspired pieces is a popular take on any baby boy’s nursery. From bears, moose, and deer, to arrows, teepees, tribal prints, and mountains, this nursery trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! For an adorable woodland nursery, my Woodland Wonders nursery collection is a MUST see!



Sea creatures nursery decor nursery trends 2020

Whale sea creature crib mobile nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @aprilderek

Sea creature ocean animal nursery design nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @life.with.odeas

Sea Creatures

A slight change from the ever so popular nautical nursery theme, sea inspired nurseries are making it big this year. Tone down on the anchors and boats, and turn up the focus on all creatures of the sea such as whales, fish, octopuses, jellyfish, and everything else in between. Sea themed patterns, prints, wallpapers, and nursery decor is definitely something you’ll be seeing more of!



Black nursery design nursery trends 2020

Black painted wall nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @homeandtroublemaker

Black is Back!

Bold black painted walls, black inspired wallpapers, black designs and patterns, black nursery decor statement pieces… it’s all part of the trending black nursery design we’re seeing so much more of as the year continues on. For a bold, modern nursery fit for both baby girls and baby boy nurseries, black is in!



blue baby boy nursery design nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @jenniferbarroninteriors

baby blue boy nursery trends 2020

baby blue nursery crib bedding nursery trends 2020

Image credit: @merrifield.interiors

Baby Blue

Over the years navy blue has become the more popular option and twist on the classic baby blue colored nursery, however, it looks like that’s not the case anymore. Baby blue colored nurseries are making a come back as we continue to see an increase in this traditional baby boy color scheme.



Love these nursery design ideas? You can find tons of baby nursery decor, crib bedding, and more all inspired by these nursery trends of 2020, plus so much more right here at Little Darlings! Have something specific in mind for your baby’s nursery design? I can create custom designs for crib bedding, nursery decor, and more to bring all your ideas to life! Just contact me for more information on my custom nursery designs.